I was suffering with an affliction many of us have….a packed out wardrobe bursting with clothes, but I didn’t even know what was in there and had lots of items I’d bought on impulse which I had never even worn. Carly came round and worked her magic by emptying my wardrobe and sorting it into different sections with Carly explaining how I should pick an outfit out and put items together.
I ended up taking two black bin liners full of clothes to the charity shop, have put 2 vacuum packed bags of clothes I couldn’t quite part with, but didn’t wear often, up in my loft, and have ended up with a wardrobe where there is space to SEE what’s there and is so well organised I find it easy to put together different outfits.
As well as the wardrobe edit, Carly did a personality analysis on me to determine my individual personality style and also told me my body type based on my shape and subsequently, the type of clothes that would look best on me to balance my frame. This has been so insightful as I generally buy clothes that look good on the hanger or that I’ve thought looked good on somebody else, but then find theses items don’t look great on me. This can leave you (me) lacking confidence and feeling I want to change my body shape.
Following Carlys work, I now know exactly what style clothes I should look for, the colours that most suit me, and the style which I feel most comfortable in.
Do not underestimate the power dressing in the right clothes can have on your self confidence!
Carly will tailor her services to your individual needs and leave you feeling empowered, enlightened and with a very organised wardrobe.

Lisa Marie

Like most Mummy’s after having 2 babies within 2 years.. I struggled to find the ‘old, confident and comfortable me’ within creating outfits from my wardrobe. Especially adding lockdown and wearing nothing but dark lounge clothes.. I felt as if I’d got suck in a rut. I’ve always loved my fashion and feeling good but struggled to make outfits work after many body changes.
Carly was AMAZING at looking through my wardrobe and creating outfits in which I felt stylish, comfortable and confident in. She enabled me to think outside the box with how different tones and colours suit my hair, eye and skin colour and this would enhance my looks and also made me realise it isn’t about trying to be the old skinnier person I was prior children but to own my body and be proud of it as its brought me two beautiful girls. When looking in my wardrobe used the same item clothes to create a relaxed day to day look and then added accessories and heels to create a classy evening look.
This little time spent with Carly made me laugh, cry (in a good way) and genuinely helped me gain confidence… Making me find the ‘new old me’. Im so grateful I worked with Carly and will be using her in the future when in need of some inspiration. I love her chilled, warm, confident appoarch and it certainly was a 5 star experience for me!
Thanks again Carly. Your going to do so well in all you do. I’m so excited for you 💞 keep doing what you do as its AMAZING xx

Charlotte Blackmore

Loved working with Carly, she took me through a whole series of questions to help figure out the sort of styles I like and what suits my skin tone and what’s the best for my shape, I am some who loves colour and I’m not afraid of clothes but we figured out from our session very early that I tend to go for the same styles, Carly took me shopping and showed me clothes I wouldn’t usually pick up and how they can alters my figure in different ways, I can safely say the jeans I came home with are comfy and now my fave jeans, and she showed me different ways to style them, which I have taken on board! Carly made me feel happy and confident within my skin and also had so much fun whilst shopping….I highly recommend her.
Thank you Carly for everything, I had the best day! xxx

Chantel Coles
Carly Ann Style with black dress