A bit about me

I’m in my forties, a devoted mama to my 3 wonderful children and have been rocking solo parenthood for the best part of my children’s lives. I gave up a fast paced corporate job years ago to raise my family but kept my creative mind busy during this time running two successful small businesses (one a Handmade Gift Business; Duke and Bear and the other a Clothing Business; Mum and Bear)

Like many women, I then came to a time in my life where I felt a bit lost – I needed to find my identity outside of being a mum/homemaker and find my flare, my passion & be ‘me’ again. So I decided to delve into my dreams and what made my soul sing… and everything brought me back to my passion for clothes, positivity, understanding different people, their personalities and helping others.

I have since turned those dreams into reality and am now trained and fully qualified as a Personal Stylist / Image Consultant through The Image Consulting Company, proudly helping to change women’s lives by giving them more confidence and a new lease for life through clever styling. I specialise in body shape analysis, colour analysis and working with clients to find their style personality. I also offer wardrobe edits, personal shopping & group style coaching services

Carly Ann photo

My niche

I am known as ‘The Creative Stylist’ because quite simply I love creating unique styles. I genuinely believe you don’t need the most expensive clothing or a wardrobe full of clothes to look and feel your best. You simply need the right clothes, some imagination and a little creativity.

With these tricks of the trade you’ll be creating endless outfits with very few items of clothing which is not only kinder on the pocket but also the environment too! Forget fast fashion – I prefer a slower pace of life and for my clothes to be kept, cherished and loved time and time again. Do you want to know how to gain this magic that will transform your view of styling? Simply get in touch.

My Personal Style

I love ALL styles of clothing and my style personality is very much unique to me. I’m a Boho Rock chick at heart – I love all things boho – and I would be barefoot 24/7 if I could (that’s the beach lover in me). I love my clothes to be comfy, rocky, quirky and different. However this is me & what suits me best.. I’d love to help you find your style personality & what you feel amazing in too.